What are your favorite iPhone apps?

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I finally got around to getting an iPhone last week and so far the apps are what make the iPhone fun and I really like it as a gaming platform. I haven’t really played this much in a long time and the iPhone is perfect for a casual gamer like myself.

So please share your favorite iPhone apps (especially games) in case I haven’t heard of them. Here are some I recently liked:

Google Sync (free) 

Not technically an app, but a service that is very useful. It gives you push sync (means add it on either and it shows up on the other quickly) between your phone contacts and calendar and Google contacts (gmail, or google apps for your domain) and Google Calendar.

Syncing is a core part of a smart phone and this is the most painless it can get, leaving all your contacts backed up online and accessible from any internet-connected computer. Mobile Me does the same but costs money, and this is a nice free service that immediately makes my phone useful (without the right sync I won’t bother using a mobile calendar as I don’t like entering data on the mobile and the desktop calendar isn’t as good at reminding me of things wherever I am).

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