How to set up a shared library with Google Photos

Updated on 14 Kasım 2017 in Gündem
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Although we are both equipped with an iPhone, I take many more photos than my wife, which makes me the photo keeper of the family. When the occasion arises to show a photo of one of our two kids to a friend (that we have not already posted to Instagram), she asks me to dig through the photos on my phone and find the requested image. Now, thanks to new shared libraries from Google Photos, I no longer need to serve as the family’s photo retriever.

With the new shared libraries, my wife can have immediate access to every photo I take. She just needs to install the Google Photos app first. And since I’m on an iPhone and not Android, I need to turn on Back up & sync on my end, which sends every photo I snap to Google Photos. (Even before shared libraries, I had this feature enabled as a painless way to backup my iPhone photos.

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