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I have been having an intermittent problem with the Query Design page, which I can not seem to resolve.Ten first creating a query, as expected, the Table Relations Section and Field Section display, more or less with a 50 / 50 size split down the screen, with a popup allowing user to select Tables or Queries, to add to the Table Relation Section. At this stage there is a bold black line at the top of the field that can be dragged up or down to increase or decrease the height of the field display.On the first query, this line remains, and is still resizable, the “add tables” popup disappears, and the Results section appears at the top, this is also resizable if the user hovers over the bottom lines of this section. The middle (Table Relation) section is squeezed by the Fields and Results section. I am able to decrease the heights of both in order to better view theTables section. However, more often than not, on re-opening, for some reason, I am left with sections which can not be resized.

Please help.

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