Flammeus Infernus (PC) – Looking for new, mature members?

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Seasoned GTA Crew – Started on PS3 since the game came out! Since moved to PC. Looking for new members. Need new, consistent members. Need people for heists! Must have mic – although i shouldn’t have to say that. 18 years or older. If you’re not, and you think you can convince me you’re mature enough to join, then send Prenihility a FR on Steam and Social Club. I’m always on Steam! There’s no way of keeping track of people other than Steam. Should be a no-brainer. I still need to do the Criminal Mastermind challenge!

I need consistent, regular players. People with their own aesthetic wanted. I just need someone to chill with on GTA. Golfing, stunting, Freemode shenanigans. Missions. HEISTS!

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