Digitial Coax AND Optical Inputs Not Working on Receiver?

Updated on 18 Mayıs 2018 in Dijital
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So I got a nice Xmas DVD player deal, set it all up with a optical output to the optical input on my Yamaha HTR-5240 and got no sound. Hooked up the analog inputs as well, and got sound, but I am pretty sure it wasnt digital. Decided my optical cable might be fubar’d thanks to the round the world trip though my entertainment center, so I went out an bought a digital coax cable (the Yamaha has both). No dice this time either.
Just for testing purposes, I hooked up my old Onkyo CD player with the optical cable to the receiver, no sound there either. WTF could be wrong?
The receiver is just out of its 2 year warranty, and has only ever had a CD changer hooked up to it. It gets used MAYBE 5 times a very. Is it possible that all the digital inputs are toast? Has anyone experienced such a thing? Help….

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you

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